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Kay 703-C Repair

This is a small Kay 703-c from the 60's. It has an unusual set of tubes - 18GD6A, 60F15 and 36AM3. The amp looked pretty beat up, and it had not been used in some time.

The first issue was to add a 3-prong power cord and an isolation transformer. This amp connects the AC directly to the heaters, which is a real hazard. If you plug the 2-prong cord in the wrong way, the chassis would get 120 volts -- ouch!

In addition, the old electrolytics were replaced. It had an old multi-section cap can that looked fine, but it's too old to take chances.

The results were fantastic! This amp has some serious blues and rock mojo. It's small, light and gets some nice cleans with the volume down, and great distortion when dimed (turned up to 10).

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