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Directions for Downloading and Installing the Software


Download the software onto your computer by clicking on the appropriate link. The downloads are about 3 Megabytes, which makes it too big for a floppy disk. A Zip disk can be used.

Installing a Self-Expanding Archive on a PC

The file you downloaded should have a ".exe" extension, which means that it is an application. Clicking on that file will create a "Solution" folder on your computer with a bunch of files in it. Open the "Solution" folder and look for the application with a ".EXE" extension. The computer program should start.

Installing a Zip file on a PC

If you downloaded a file with a ".zip" extension, you will need to "Unzip" it using a computer program called "WinZip". WinZip is most likely already on your computer. It can also be found at

Many computers will automatically open WinZip after the download is complete. You may also be able to "Unzip" the file by clicking on the ".zip" file with the right mouse button and choosing the appropriate menu item.

WinZip will create a ""Solution" folder on your computer with a bunch of files in it. Open the "Solution" folder and look for the application with a ".EXE" extension. The computer program should start.

Installing a Stuffit Archive on A Mac

If you downloaded a file with a ".sit" extension, Stuffit Expander should start up and create a "Solution" folder on your desktop or on your hard drive. Open the "Solution" folder and click on the application to open it.

What are all those ".DLL" files?

These files are needed by the computer program, and it will not install or work properly without them. These files and folders must not be renamed or moved from the solution folder.

In addition to the generated DLL files, there are two Other solution components that you need to provide include: required DLL files, Shfolder.dll and Comctl32.dll, that need to be installed separately on your users’ hard disks. These DLLs are automatically installed by Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 and by Internet Explorer 4.0

Computers with security systems

Several files are copied into the System folder when the computer program is run for the first time. Computer security systems that block changes to the System folder need to be disabled the first time. The program should run fine after that. Please call your computer administrator for more information.

Minimum requirements for Windows

an Intel compatible 486/33 PC
16 MB of RAM
a hard disk with at least 20 MB of free space
Windows 95, with Internet Explorer 4.0 or Windows NT 4.0 (with document: Service Pack 3)

Minimum requirements for Macintosh systems

a Power Macintosh or Mac OS computer with a PPC 601 processor
at least 16 MB of RAM
StuffIt Deluxe for Mac OS (available from
a hard disk with at least 24 MB of free space
System 8.1




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