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Zinc, Zn

involved in the synthesis of cholesterol, protein and fats
regulates the release of vitamin A from the liver
affects cell growth, particularly epithelial tissue
prostate reproduction requires zinc
inhibits 5 alpha reductase (testosterone -> dihydrotestosterone)
required for vision
antioxidant cofactor for SOD
cofactor for alcohol metabolism
crucial for taste perception
protects against heavy metal toxicity

RDA - 15 mg, Optimal - 30-50 mg


high doses often cause stomach upset and nausea
long term usage can induce a copper deficiency

growth retardation, delayed sexual development, mild anemia
decreased sense of smell,
Skin and GI
diverse skin lesions (eczema, psoriasis, acne)
hang nails, white spots on nails, Beau's lines, poor nail growth
delayed wound healing, alopecia,
glossitis, angular stomatitis,

Zinc Tally Test
Put 1 tsp. in your mouth and hold it there for 1 minute.
1. No soecific taste is noticed, even after 10 seconds
2. A ÒdryÓ, ÒmineralÓ, or ÒfuzzyÓ taste is noticed after a few seconds.
3. A definite unpleasant taste is noticed immediately and intensifies.
4. A strong unpleasant taste is noted immediately. The subect grimaces.
Responses of 1 or 2 indicate the need for zinc.

rheumatoid arthritis - mild anti-inflammatory
lack of taste sensation - crucial for taste perception
anorexia nervosa - zinc deficiency causes hypothalmic problems
lead, calcium and copper toxicity - chelates
cataracts, macular degeneration - required for vision
furuncles, boils - helps prevent recurrence
immune enhancement - increases T cell function, cofactor for SOD
pharyngitis - anti-viral, enhances immunity (zinc gluconate lozenges)
AIDS - essential cofactor of thymic hormone thymulin
Wound healing
eczema, acne - beneficial for wound healing (zinc picolinate)
intestinal damage, gastric ulcers - beneficial for wound healing
cervical dysplagia - affects epithelial tissue growth
diabetes mellitus - diabetics secrete more zinc
thyroid hormone resistance
benign prostatic hypertrophy - inhibits 5 alpha reductase
infertility - increases sperm count




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