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Iron, Fe

Iron is transported in the bloodstream bound to ferritin
reduced, or ferrous iron, is more effectively absorbed

Iron makes up heme, a component of hemoglobin (oxygen transport)

RDA - females 18 mg, males 10 mg, infants 1 mg/kg

beef liver, tofu, black strap molasses

iron deficiency anemia
glossitis (sore tongue), canker sores
koilonychia (nail spooning), brittle nails
blue sclera

anemia - iron is a component of heme
menorrhagia - iron is needed for contracture of the uterus
decreased immune function
restless leg syndrome

hemochromatosis - deposits of iron-containing pigments in tissue
hemosiderosis - excessive iron deposits in hemosiderin

Tricycic anti-depressants - induce iron deficiency
thyroxine - depletes iron stores
vitamin C improves absorption
vitamin E interferes with iron
soy products inhibit iron aborption, but not tofu
coffee and tea inhibit iron absorption




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