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Padma-28, Padma 28

Padma 28 is a fixed combination with Tibetan origin, used in Europe since the 1960s for the symptomatic treatment of circulatory disorders, including those of peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD).

Aegle sepiar fructus 20 mg, Amomi fructus 25 mg, Aquilegiae vulgaris herba 15 mg, Calcii sulfas
pulvis 20 mg, Calendulae flos cum calycibus 5 mg, Cardamomi fructus 30 mg, Caryophylli flos 12 mg,
Costi amari radix 40 mg, D-Camphora 4 mg, Hedychii rhizoma 10 mg, Lactucae sativae folium 6 mg,
Lichen islandicus 40 mg, Liquiritiae radix 15 mg, Meliae tousend fructus 35 mg, Myrobalani fructus 30
mg, Plantaginis herba 15 mg, Polygoni avicularis herba 15 mg, Potentillae aureae herba 15 mg,
Santali rubri lignum 30 mg, Sidae cordifoliae herba 10 mg, Aconiti tuber 1 mg, Valerianae radix 10 mg,
standardised to 4 mg D-camphor and at least 1.2% (V/m) essential oil.




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