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Emotional Wellness Quiz #2

This is the second Eemotional Wellness Self-Help Quiz. It finds decompensation issues that are usually in the second layer. Answer the questions then scroll down and hit the "Find Bach Flowers" button and the recommendations will appear in the text window at the bottom of the page.

Do you feel that you have reached the limits of your endurance?
Do you suffer from mental anguish and deep despair?
Do you feel that the burden of life is to much to bear?
Do you feel you could have done a better job?
Do you often blame yourself for other peoples mistakes?
Do you set high standards for yourself?
Are you hard on yourself when you don’t meet those standards?
Are you dissatisfied with your current position in life?
Have you tried many different, unsatisfying jobs?
Do you want to change careers, but can’t decide on what to do?
Do you often dwell in memories of the past?
Are there many things you have never had the opportunity to do?
Do you reminisce about the good old days?
Do you become gloomy and depressed for no reason?
Does this depression feel like a dark cloud surrounding you?
Do you find that this depression ends for no apparent reason?
Do you find yourself apathetic and indifferent toward life?
Are you resigned to your current circumstances?
Do you feel that you have given up and don’t care anymore?
Do you tirelessly struggle despite opposition and delays?
Do you always complete what you do despite the challenges?
Do you work hard and neglect your own needs?
Do you fear losing control of your mind or body?
Do you have impulses to do things you know are wrong?
Do you fear losing control and hurting someone?
Do you feel unclean or ashamed over something you did?
Do you feel that you need to change your physical appearance?
Are you compulsive about cleanliness?
Are you preoccupied with pimples and blemishes?
Are you troubled by persistent unwanted thoughts?
Do you have frequent mental arguments?
Do you have difficulty sleeping due to mental chatter and worry?
Do you look for what is wrong with people?
Do other people’s habits annoy you?
Are you critical of people who don’t meet your standards?

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Often several remedies are listed, you can take two or three at the same time. If more than three remedies are listed, consider taking the quiz again and identify the more serious issues. When you receive the remedies, put a few drops of each on your tongue or into a glass of water. After a month you may take the next quiz.