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Emotional Wellness Quiz #1

The first emotional wellness quiz identifies external issues. Answer the questions then scroll down and hit the "Find Bach Flowers" button and the recommendations will appear in the text window at the bottom of the page.

Do you have vague, unexplainable fears?
Do you get anxious and distressed for no apparent reason?
Do you wake up feeling that something bad may happen?
Are you often overwhelmed by your work?
Do you tend to take on more than you can handle?
Do you feel that you have enormous responsibilities?
Have you lost hope that you will recover from an illness?
Do you feel it is useless to seek further help for your problems?
Have you given up hope that things will change for the better?
Are you in a relationship you cannot break away from?
Are you currently in a state of change or transition?
Is it difficult to let go of the past to start something new?
Have there been past shocks or traumas in your life?
Do you feel as if you haven't fully recovered from them?

Often several remedies are listed, you can take two or three at the same time. If more than three remedies are listed, consider taking the quiz again and identify the more serious issues. When you receive the remedies, put a few drops of each on your tongue or into a glass of water. After a month you may take the next quiz.

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