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Treat the Person, Not the Disease

Conventional medicine focuses on treating diseases, which places emphasis on the drugs used to treat the disease. It is a cold and impersonal approach. Also, many people have several diseases at the same time, which results in them being prescribed a lot of drugs.

It is typical for people to be on a diuretic and ACE inhibitor for hypertension, an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor for high cholesterol, a benzodiazepine for depression (probably caused by having to take so many pills), and two or three drugs for their main complaint. This is a field day for drug manufacturers! They are making tremendous profits.

The unfortunate truth is that many health books, nutritionists, and holistic medicine doctors use the same philosophy. They treat diseases with nutritional supplements, and develop "nutritional protocols" for each disease. There are many popular natural health books that have lists of vitamins to take for each disease. It's a "No Brainer" for vitamin salesmen!

This is, however, not naturopathic medicine. When you treat the disease, and don't address the underlying cause, you may have some success - but no permanent results. As soon as you stop taking the vitamins, the symptoms appear again.

In my view of things, to be a holistic healer means that the holistic practitioner uses a different paradigm than conventional medicine. Often times, the paradigm shift can be quite subtle. It is a different outlook on life that includes mind and body - the holistic approach.

Beware, however, of conventional medical doctors that promote themselves as holistic practitioner, when what they mean is that they prescribe drugs and surgery for the body, antidepressant drugs for the mind, and toss in a few vitamins here and there for good effect!

A true holistic healer uses ancient methods of addressing the mind. When you think of it, there are only a few. They would include classical homeopathy, Buddhism and other Biblical sources (separate from religion), and dialogue (as used by Plato).

Ancient holistic healers did not have access to drugs that effect the brains serotonin system, nor did they believe that "bad thinking" was caused by a chemical problem in the brain. Their solutions, which still work today, are natural, and they address the person, not the disease or some chemical imbalance.




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