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By careful study and thought about naturopathic principles, Dr. Steriti has developed a unique way of looking at health and illness. It is an ecclectic combination of modern scientific understanding and ancient herbal wisdom. Often the thought process involves a paradigm shift.

On the one hand there is the conventional medical paridigm, which is based on diagnosing and treating disease. Although it is an impersonal system, it is based on the scientific method. Using vitamins and herbs that have been shown to work by scientific studies is one way to increase your chances of success.

Ancient medical systems view health and disease in an entirely different way. Most are based on the four elements - earth, water, fire and air. Chinese medicine adds a fifth, wood, and Ayurvedic medicine adds ether. The medical system used by Hippocrates has four main fluids of the body (blood, black and yellow bile, and phlegm). Each of these fluids also corresponded to a temperment (or personality). For more information, see my article on the History of Herbology.

Classical homeopathy is based on the energy of life, referred to as the "vital force" which animates all living beings. It is a humanistic approach with a philosophy that is opposite to conventional medicine in many respects. For instance, classical homeopathy is defined by the use of a single remedy that matches your entire mental-emotional-physical picture.

The uniqueness of naturopathic medicine lies in the ecclectic mixture of several different healing paradigms.





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