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Finding and Addressing the Cause of Disease
Conventional Lab Testing

Most people don't know that conventional lab tests are only used to diagnose the disease. This is the philosophy of conventional medicine - diagnose and then treat the disease with drugs and surgery. Anything else is considered "medically unnessasary" by the FDA and insurance companies.

Getting a proper diagnosis is the first step

Diagnosing the disease, however, is only the first step. Most diseases (such as chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, etc) have several different causes (the official medical term for "cause" is "etiology"). You would be amazed if you looked up the etiologies in standard medical textbooks! You would find that the real cause of most chronic diseases are heavy metal toxicity, liver problems, thyroid problems, adrenal problems, etc. Here are the sections on high blood pressure or ADHD from my book, Finding the Cause of Disease with Specialty Alternative Medical Lab Tests.
A Medical Detective

"Medical Detective" is perhaps the best way to describe what Dr. Steriti does. Many people have been to several medical doctors and specialists, and have been on many drugs and nutritional supplements without success.

Dr. Steriti begins with a comprehensive medical intake, which includes a complete medical history, review of symptoms, and analysis of conventional lab test results. This is followed by a comprehensive nutritional assessment, and specialty alternative medical lab testing.

Next is a classical homeopathic interview, which assesses your entire picture - physical, mental and emotional.

Addressing the cause of disease

Once the specific cause of your disease has been identified, specific nutritional supplements can be used to address that cause.




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