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Pregnancy is the period from conception to birth when a woman carries a developing fetus in her uterus.

Medical visits are scheduled as follows:

ÊEvery four weeks until 28 weeks;

ÊEvery two weeks from 28 to 36 weeks;

ÊEvery week after 36 weeks



Conventional Labs

First visit: PAP smear, complete blood count ,type and screen, urine analysis , rubella status, VDRL, HIV, Hepatitis B status, tuberculosis test (PPD), cervical cultures for gonorrhea and chlamydia.If you are at risk, a one hour glucose test. Hemoglobin electrophoresis if you are African American or Southeast Asian.

16-20 weeks: Expanded AFP test if you are less than 35.ÊGenetic counseling and possible amniocentesis if you are older than 34. Ultrasound as indicated.

20-24 weeks: Fetal echo as indicated

24-28 weeks: Repeat T&S if you are Rh negative.RhoGAM. One hour glucose challenge test.

28-32 weeks: CBC , Repeat VDRL, HIV, and cervical cultures if you have risk factors.

32-36 weeks: Fetal kick count and assessment for fetal presentation

36-40 weeks: Repeat T&S if you are Rh negative and you were not given RhoGAM. Fetal kick count and assessment for fetal presentation




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