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Information on Ataxia


Ataxia means clumsiness, or loss of coordination.

true ataxia is incoordination of volitional movement

truncal ataxia is unsteadiness while sitting

gait ataxia are disorders of equilibrium and gait

ataxic dysarthria is slurring of speech due to loss of muscle control

dysmetria is voluntary gaze is accomplished by a series of jerky movements

hypotonia is a decrease in the normal resistance of muscles to passive movement


Nutritional causes of ataxia include:

Selective vitamin E deficiency, which causes anemia. Vitamin E requirement is proportional to intake of essential fatty acids (oils).

Hartnup disease, which causes pellagra, cerebellar ataxia, episodic depending on tryptophan demands, intestinal transport defect of amino acids, which causes aminoaciduria and symptoms due to trypotophan and subsequent niacin & NAD deficiency

Pellagra is a niacin deficiency that causes diarrhea, dementia, dermatitis

Beriberi is a thiamin deficiency (common in alcoholics)

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Most natural health web sites put a list of herbs, vitamins and nutritional supplements along with citations from scientific studies.

Have you found this to be confusing, since there are so many to choose from?

A far simpler way is to choose a supplement from the appropriate body system, such as liver support, detoxification, etc.
A well formulated supplement works a lot better than separate vitamins and usually costs a lot less.
Please call me at (239) 659-2684 if you would like some assistance in choosing an appropriate product.

I can't diagnose or treat diseases by phone, but I can assist you in making better choices. I also can send some relevant articles to read. The first ten minutes are free (as long as you purchase from my web site).

What's your next step?

The next step, after you have been diagnosed with a disease, is to find out what is the specific cause, and then choose supplements that address that cause, as well as supplements that alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Finding and addressing the cause of disease is the step that most holistic practitioners (and all health food store clerks) skip -- and it is absolutely essential!

Finding the Cause of Disease with Specialty Alternative Medical Lab Tests

There are many specialty alternative medical lab tests that are designed specifically to find the cause of disease. These tests are not taught in medical school, and they are usually not reimbursed by insurance companies (because conventional lab tests are only used to diagnose disease). As such, most medical doctors don't know anything about them!

Figuring out which specialty lab test you need is what naturopathic medical doctors are taught. My book, Finding the Cause of Disease with Specialty Alternative Medical Lab Tests was written to help naturopathic medical students learn this art. The PDF Ebook is available for $9.99 and includes descriptions of these lab tests and which specific lab tests are recommended for each disease.

Salivary Hormone Panels

If your disease is associated with imbalances in hormones, you might want to review the Salivary Hormone Panels section in my store. The lab test kits are mailed to your home and include an prepaid envelope to mail them back to the lab company for analysis. I have entered a few salivary hormone lab tests in the Store.

There are many more alternative medical lab tests available, and I will be adding them to the store soon. Please chack back regularly!

The choice is yours

I recommend that you make an informed choice, and the goal of this web site is to provide you with the information to make a wise choice when it comes to your health and wellness.

As you can see, I don't sell any vitamins on this web site. There are thousands of vitamin stores that will sell you whatever vitamin you want, and many of them offer discounts.

If, for whatever reason, you decide that you aren't interested, I'd like to recommend two other web sites that have high-quality vitamins and information.

Life Extension Foundation and Vitamin Research Products

Also, if you are interested in some high-quality basic nutritional supplements, I recommend visiting the Store You will find my recommendations for a multiple, tasty chewable fiber wafers, high-potency probiotics, and fish oils.

Good luck in your journey towards health and wellness!!


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