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The Christine Tube Guitar Amp

The Christine is very similar to a Matchless Spitfire, which has two push-pull EL84's that provide about 18 watts. The amp was designed by Larry Rodgers.

The one on the left is the first guitar amp I made. It has a 10" Emminence RedCoat Ramrod speaker. This amp has a very smooth tone and breaks up nicely as you turn the volume up, going from clean jazz to blues into hard rock. I've added gold piping between the speaker cloth and control panel, which really looks nice. I has a simple black faceplate, which is not shown in the photo.

The one on the right is my second amp. It has a 12" EV SRO speaker, which makes it louder and cleaner for a blues sound. I like this one, although everyone else likes it's smaller cousin.

Here's a photo of the chassis. I used Mallory caps and carbon comp resistors for smooth tone.

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