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Natural Health Coach

Dr. Steriti is a licensed naturopathic physician and natural health coach that helps people make informed choices about their health. Naturopathic medicine is an ecclectic combination of ancient healing wisdom with modern science.

The Latest Research

My passion is botanical medicine and clinical nutrition based on published scientific research, along with classical homeopathy. Most internet articles are incomplete and out of date - many are copied from books.

Most people save money - and see results!

The secret to success with vitamins and herbs is to design a comprehensive therapy that is specific for your needs. This is a much better way than relying upon the recommendations from people at health food stores, web sites designed to sell products, or books.

Phone consults are my specialty

Once they get used to it, many people love the convenience of working by phone. It's a great way to focus and get to business quickly and efficiently at your convenience!

High quality!

I recommend the highest quality supplements, which aren't available at health food stores. They are shipped right to your home.

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About the Doctor

Dr. Steriti is a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, an accredited medical school that teaches both conventional and alternative medicine. Dr. Ron is professionally trained in the use of vitamins, herbs, nutritional supplements and classical homeopathy. Dr. Steriti is licensed as a Naturopathic Physician by the State of Vermont.

Dr. Steriti has written extensive nutrition research articles on a variety of chronic diseases, and has developed a holistic medical database that keeps him up to date on the latest research. (Most books and web sites are 20 or more years out of date!)

When do you need to see a professional natural health consultant?

When you have an unusual disease that has your doctors and specialists baffled.

When several doctors have told you that there's nothing wrong and "It's all in your head".

All your lab tests come back fine, yet you still have symptoms.

You are concerned that the side effects of your drugs may be worse than the disease.

You have tried a lot of nutritional supplements without noticeable results.

You are looking for a natural health expert that will answer your questions and work with you.

A completely different paradigm

Ancient natural health principles provides a unique way of looking at health and illness. We provide an ecclectic combination of modern scientific understanding, ancient herbal wisdom, and classical homeopathy, which results in a different healing paradigm.

Natural Health Coach

As a natural health coach, Dr. Steriti supports you in making positive changes in your health and lifestyle that result in greater health and wellness.
The coaching model is a joint search for truth that goes beyond the "doctor-patient" model, or "one size fits all" mentality that focuses on the problem (disease) instead of the person. Combining naturopathy with coaching is a powerful way of communication that facilitates healing.

Call today!

The first step towards health and wellness is yours. Call today for a free 15 minute natural health coaching session where you can ask questions and find out about what I can do for you!

Docere - To Teach

Natural health consultations with Dr. Steriti are education and informational in nature, and are designed to assist you in understanding health and wellness so that you can make wise choices.


Ronald Steriti, ND, PhD
Natural Health Coach and Consultant

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